Wir sind eine Beratung für Strategie und Kommunikation aus Berlin. Wir unterstützen Unternehmen beim Aufbau und Schutz ihrer Reputation. Wir lösen Probleme.

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We have been communications consultants for almost twenty years – out of passion and always passionate. We have been working in national and international agencies and learned our craft at the intersection of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs from scratch. Over the years, we have advised companies and institutions from a broad range of industries, always with a view on their strategy and reputation on controversial issues. Energy and infrastructure, including complex approval processes, as well as food, agriculture and consumer protection have emerged as our focus areas and issues. Moreover, we have designed and implemented well-known campaigns for German federal and state ministries. And finally, we regularly train company representatives to deal with media, decision-makers and stakeholders. The more controversial a topic is discussed publicly, the more critically stakeholders look at a company, the more exciting the challenge is for us.

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Managing Partner

A fellow must have an opinion.

Alfred Döblin

My career as a communications consultant has often been defined by work for clients and on issues that are perceived as controversial. For example, I worked on the “Du bist Deutschland” (You are Germany) campaign during my first position at fischerAppelt and was involved in developing its social media elements, a field that was only emerging then. And in 2015, I designed the Bundeswehr’s new Employer Branding strategy together with the agency Castenow.

In addition to public campaigns for German federal ministries and other public institutions, I have frequently been involved in building and protecting the reputation of national and international companies in the food industry, be it to establish them as a long-term dialogue partner on the Berlin stage, defense against NGO campaigns or ad-hoc crisis intervention in the event of amok situations or accidents. In addition, I have advised Arab associations in their dialogue with German stakeholders and supported a major German authors’ society for works of music in a conflict with an American streaming service.

Before starting my own business, I was Director Public Affairs at Burson-Marsteller (WPP) for many years, before that Associate Director at Hill+Knowlton Strategies (WPP), and most recently I served as Head of Public Affairs at DDB agency SALT WORKS.

I studied political science and history (M.A.) at the University of Trier, received a Bohemicum from the universities of Regensburg, Prague and České Budějovice and finally obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from TU Munich. I am fluent in negotiations in English and my French is decent.

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Managing Partner

For twenty years, I have been dealing with the question as to how communications can promote and preserve an organisation’s licence to operate. My area of focus can be described as ‘public acceptance.’ At the intersection of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, I advise organisations on critical, publicly controversially discussed issues in order for them to engage in a productive dialogue with their stakeholders – be it political decision-makers at the national, regional or municipal levels, media and NGOs or local residents. I support my clients – mostly from heavily regulated areas such as energy or infrastructure – with strategy and message development and in building communicative structures. I develop and moderate dialogue programs and workshops and am actively involved in the DPRG’s (German Public Relations Association) working group on ‘acceptance communications.

In 2010, I completed my training as a systemic business coach. I prepare people who speak publicly for an organisation comprehensively for this task, e.g. in media or presentation trainings or in tailored simulations of background conversations, panel discussions and townhalls. Moreover, I work as a coach with individuals, teams and company divisions to master the challenges of everyday work. I am a member of the dvct (German Association for Coaching and Training) and regularly share my knowledge in seminars. I offer my services in English as well.

The public, public opinion and social movements on the one hand, and corporate social responsibility on the other hand have been at the center of my work ever since my time in university where I studied Journalism and Communication Studies, Sociology and English Studies at Free University Berlin. My Master’s Thesis on the contribution of public relations to CSR was distinguished by the DPRG.

Before I became Managing Partner at Pharus Corporate Affairs GmbH, I served as Director Corporate & Public Affairs at the international communications consultancy Hill+Knowlton Strategies in Berlin for many years.

My words fly up, my thoughts remain below. Words without thoughts never to heaven go.

Claudius in Shakespeare’s Hamlet