Wir sind eine Beratung für Strategie und Kommunikation aus Berlin. Wir unterstützen Unternehmen beim Aufbau und Schutz ihrer Reputation. Wir lösen Probleme.

Corporate affairs

We are a consultancy for strategy and communications based in  Berlin.

we support companies in building and protecting their reputation.

we solve problems.

We believe that communications can only be successful when it is closely intertwined with a company’s strategy and understood and lived as its integral component.

We follow a consulting approach that integrates Corporate Communications and Public Affairs (political communication).

Increasingly, political decisions are affecting the way companies do business. At the same time, more and more stakeholders influence both politics and companies’ strategies.

Only a holistic approach can meet these new challenges. Depending on the situation, Corporate Affairs can serve as a company’s press office, ministry of foreign affairs or fire brigade. Corporate Affairs solve problems.

a light shining in the dark night.

In seafaring, a lighthouse (lat. Pharus) marks a position. Its fire leads through dark night and allows sailors to circumnavigate shallows and reach the safe harbor. It offers safety.

A lighthouse offers views far into the distance. Storms can be identified before they approach. From a lighthouse, you keep an overview. And, not least, the lighthouse marks a point of view.

That is why we chose this symbol for our consultancy. We want to offer our clients guidance and help them stay on course in stormy times, or even better: to recognise the storm before it approaches.

In more than fifteen years, we have worked with companies and institutions in a broad range of fields.